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Circuitwise electronics manufacturer



Our aerospace manufacturing services

Circuitwise offers the most advanced manufacturing services for electronic assemblies certified to the AS 9100D standard for electronic devices in the aviation, space and defence sectors. 

Services include: 

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Case study

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Skycraft is a provider of space-enabled air traffic management services that deliver air traffic surveillance and communications, enhancing the safety of the aviation industry.

The company's satellites fill the gaps over remote and oceanic regions that the terrestrial systems cannot reach. The company launched its first satellite in January 2023 and expects to have 200+ in operation across 7 orbital planes providing global coverage. System demonstration will commence in 2025, with the full global service rolling out in 2027. 

The system is capable of working with ADS-B and UAT signals to validate aircraft positions and relay VHF voice and data communications. Multiple pathways between satellites and ground stations provide very high system resilience.


Circuitwise manufactured Printed Circuit Assemblies at the quality needed to withstand the rigours of space. Electronics must be robust enough to maintain integrity under intense vibration and G-forces during launch, extreme temperature ranges and operation in a vacuum. 

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ISO 13485

Our AS 9100D certification

Circuitwise Electronic Manufacturing is certified to the AS 9100D quality management systems standard to supply electronic assemblies for Aviation, Space, and Defence. 

Circuitwise maintains all systems required to meet the standard including:

  • Documentation: Our controlled document management system ensures that all records are captured from initial customer requirements to test reports on the final product. 

  • Management responsibility: The owners of Circuitwise cultivate a quality-focused culture and all supporting systems in its approach to business.

  • Production and service provision: All of the business processes required to manufacture an electronic assembly are defined and controlled. 

  • Monitoring and measurement: Our testing and inspection system minimises defects, handles any non-conformities and ensures all equipment is maintained according to the standard.


The above systems also support Circuitwise's core ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical device) quality management systems. Systems have been put in place to address several additional terms set out in AS 9100D including:

  • Protections against counterfeit parts.

  • Special attention to critical items relating to areas such as safety, mission and fractures.

  • Key characteristics that need tight control over variations.

  • Addressing special customer requirements that have high associated risks requiring operational risk management.

  • Managing human factors for safety.

For more information, view our quality systems page.

Our rigorous traceability processes


One of the biggest assurances of high-reliability device manufacturing is to keep track of every single activity undertaken to bring a device together and keeping records of every single measurement or test undertaken along the way. 

Circuitwise takes away this burden for you with our powerful Cluso inventory management system, which tracks every single component coming from suppliers through to finals quality checks as we ship your assembled product to you. We send you all the information you need to complete your Device History File ready for quality audits.

For more information view our Component Traceability for Electronic Devices page.

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