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Manufacturing well rounded engineers

Circuitwise today hosted a visit by engineering students from the University of Sydney, as part of their professional engagement program. The program consists of site visits and participation in educational events, in addition to the more traditional work experience and internship components. Completion of the program qualifies student to become members of Engineers Australia and helps form a habit of continuing professional education, required of professional engineers. The purpose of site visits is to give students a better insight into real world engineering practice and put their theoretical learning into context. Students are required to reflect on their experience and share them in wor

Introducing the new leadership of Circuitwise

It is perhaps the longest leadership transition in the history of Australian electronics manufacturing. However, the owners of Circuitwise Electronics have decided to formally announce the passing of the leadership baton to the next generation of the Ross family. Siblings Serena and Sean Ross have officially taken over the day to day management of the company, as their parents Roz and Greg Ross transition into retirement. Roz, Greg, Sean and Serena Ross Serena and Sean have been in and around the company since they were small children, starting their apprenticeship helping out on the factory floor. Towards the end of their schooling, they would regularly work for the company in the evenings

Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing, Sydney Australia

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