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Circuitwise today hosted a visit today from a group of aspiring and inspiring undergraduates from three different universities. Organised by FLEDGE Innovation Labs, the students were studying either biomedical or electrical engineering. The 23 students came from the University of Newcastle, Macquarie University, and Sydney University. The group were on an educational day trip that took in Circuitwise’s neighbour Resmed. The purpose of the visit was to better understand the electronics manufacturing process. After a tour of the factory floor, a presentation was given covering every step of the manufacturing process, with tips on how to optimise electronic designs for manufacture. What we foun

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NOTE: The 29 point checklist was superceded by an expanded 44 point checklist released in April 2020. The link below goes to the new list. Circuitwise has released guidelines on what constitutes a perfect set of information required to quote and then manufacture an assembled printed circuit board. The guideline encompasses the Bill of Materials (BOM), Gerber files, assembly instructions and production management. Every design for an electronic circuit board assembly has a BOM which itemises the parts required for the board. Considering how common BOMs are, you would think to compile them is a straight forward process. However, even an experienced designer can forget important details. The gu

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