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Minimising component end-of-life risks

An issue that regularly arises in electronics manufacturing is component end-of-life (EOL). It is a designer’s nightmare to have a design strongly dependent on a particular component, only to discover at the manufacturing stage that the component is in short supply or unavailable due to the manufacturer discontinuing its production. In this scenario, the cost of the component will be significantly higher than anticipated and it will eventually run out, potentially forcing a redesign. The impact of EOL is even higher in highly regulated industries, such as mining and MedTech, where there are significant costs involved in gaining certification for a product. Even small changes can trigger the

Saving and improving lives

Circuitwise is proud to be organising and sponsoring the NSW Active MedTech Community, which was launched today. The mission of the new community is saving and improving lives by making it easier to develop medical devices with electronics and software. MedTech entrepreneurs face steep learning curves in multiple disciplines required to develop a product. To help reduce the learning curve for entrepreneurs, the community will run a series of thought leadership webinars and events with expert MedTech service providers. The first activity of the community was a MedTech Hypothetical session. The session showcased an early stage startup and aimed to identify critical success factors for taking t

How to optimise your PCB design for manufacture

The nirvana of modern electronics manufacturing is to design a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly with minimal labour input. Over the past decade, electronics manufacturers such as Circuitwise have been investing in state-of-the-art high-speed pick and place machines, that is bringing this vision to life. With smart design, it is now possible to manufacture PCB assemblies in Australia at a cost which is competitive with any Asian manufacturer. Following are our key recommendations for designers of PCB assemblies to optimise your design for manufacture: 1. Put all SMT components on one side 2. Put the heavy components on one side 3. Minimise through-hole components A major cost component fo

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