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circuitwise electronics manufacturer


Software Systems

Refined over 15 years, Circuitwise has developed a custom Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system we call InvMan. The system ties together all other computer systems and programs into a single unified location for control and reporting.


All aspects of the system are ISO13485 certified with fully traceable features designed into the core of the product. Subsystems and features controlled directly by the system include:


  • Stock control

  • Purchasing

  • MRP functions

  • BOM control

  • Production control and scheduling

  • Document control

  • All QA/QC functions and documents

  • Sales quoting and customer PO processing

  • Engineering systems

  • Engineering change notice processing

  • Production documentation control 

Diagram of enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) system at Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing

The MRP system also fully integrates with and supervise the First Article Inspection system and the Document Distribution System.

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