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New PCB washing machine installed at Circuitwise

An aqueous PCB assembly washing machine has been added to the capability mix at Circuitwise. This advanced technology from PBT Works provides the ultimate cleaning performance for customers that require this additional step in the manufacturing process.

Features include direct linear spray for even washing on all parts of the PCB. The drying process uses hot air knife technology. The clamping system is designed to accommodate all sizes of boards.

Environmentally the machine is designed to minimise consumption of water and chemicals, with an adaptive quality control system for the rinse water and automatic chemical concentration control. It has several filtration options for processing contaminated rinse water.

The machine includes a touch screen programming interface to set up custom washing processes to suit a range of different applications. The system can also measure and record all the main process parameters, including time, temperature, pressure, conductivity-resistance and more.

Cleaning PCB assemblies helps increase the reliability of the device’s performance. Residue from the soldering process and other contaminants can attract moisture, which can adversely affect operation through unwanted current flows. Residues can even affect the heat dissipation of vulnerable components. As components have become smaller and more tightly packed together, the risk of damage has risen.

The best solution to treat this risk is to add a conformal coating to the PCB assembly. However, it is important to be sure the board is free of contaminants before this permanent coating is applied.

Some electronics manufacturers will wash PCB assemblies in water only. While this may leave a board looking clean, a microscopic inspection will reveal contaminants remaining in restricted spaces. To get a board properly clean, it requires the right combination of chemicals, temperature and wash cycles – which the PBT Works machine offers.

To find out more about this new capability and how you may take advantage of it, contact us to discuss.

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