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Rising to the Covid-19 challenge

Circuitwise Electronic Manufacturing is working to support our community and industry in this difficult time, as we deal with the fall out of the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to let everyone know our company is ready to offer whatever service is required to help combat the virus and to support businesses.

We are already working with our existing medical technology clients delivering essential equipment for hospitals in this time of stress. Such equipment includes sterilisation, radiology and remote healthcare.

Circuitwise is ISO 13485 certified to manufacture PCB assemblies used in active medical devices. Over the past week, we have been talking to several institutions and government agencies involved in the emergency development of medical equipment which is no longer available from overseas.

We are actively offering our services to initiatives underway and we want to extend a helping hand to manufacturers of medical equipment looking to ramp up or re-establish manufacturing in Australia.

Next Thursday 2 April at 4pm, we will be sponsoring and participating in a MedTech Hypotheticals: Fighting Covid-19 session hosted by the NSW Active MedTech Community.

In this webinar we will be exploring the details of rapid development of automatic ventilators. We invite you to join us in a discussion and how we could fast track the development of such equipment.

Working together we are strong – join our conversation.

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