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ABC News interviews Circuitwise GM

Circuitwise general manager Serena Ross was interviewed earlier this week by ABC News on our role in an Australian consortium of companies developing emergency ventilators for the Australian government. The news item was broadcast on ABC News. It may be viewed for a short time on ABC's iView at the 23rd minute in the Sunday 31/5/2020 bulletin.

Above: An ABC cameraman filming the pick-and-place machine used to manufacture the ventilator boards

The film crew came to Circuitwise’s facilities to film manufacturing of the printed circuit board assemblies being used to control 2000 ventilators. The ventilators are being developed for the NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program led by Melbourne-based Grey Innovation. Grey won a $31.3 million contract with the Federal Government to deliver the ventilators by the end of July.

Ms Ross was interviewed by the ABC’s Western Sydney reporter Kathleen Calderwood. The theme of the news item was not just on the ventilator program but on efforts underway to raise awareness of local manufacturing capability.

Serena Ross said she was pleased to be able to represent a range of other companies in the electronics sector that can provide advanced manufacturing services to Australian companies looking to go #AustralianMade.

“We are just one of over 2000 companies that put their hand up to help. In electronics, we have shown we are now competitive with Asia by investing in advanced technology and rigorous quality systems to enable manufacturing of high-reliability product like medical devices.

“There will be many other companies in other manufacturing sectors that have raised their competitiveness and now warrant a closer look from companies that have blindly assumed that they should go offshore. These companies should realise that the new #SmartMove is to manufacture in Australia.”

Below: Circuitwise GM Serena Ross and Operations Manager Sean Ross being photographed by ABC News reporter Kathleen Calderwood.


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