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Celebrating Women’s Health Week

Circuitwise is proud to have supported Women's Health Week by sponsoring a webinar on FemTech last week with the NSW Active MedTech Community.

FemTech is an approach to MedTech development that puts the perspective of women first to ensure the technology meets their needs. This webinar takes a closer look at the scope of this field and why it is needed. The field naturally covers technologies relating specifically to women, such as fertility, period-tracking, pregnancy, sexual wellness, reproductive health, menopause and mental health, to name a few.

As much of MedTech has been developed by men, there has been a consequential male-focussed bias in the way products and services have been developed, including a lack of development at all. This webinar describes the scope of FemTech and explores what can be done to improve the development of FemTech products and service to improve women's health.

The overview is presented by the Sydney Ambassador of the FemTech Collective and FemTech consultant Megan Capriccio. Megan will be supported by a panel of leaders in the FemTech industry including Sarah McDonald, CEO of Baymatob and Dr Michelle Perugini, CEO of Life Whisperer.

View the FemTech Webinar.


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