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Continuing our support for "active" MedTech in NSW

Circuitwise is proud to be continuing its support for the NSW Active MedTech Community.

We have been sponsoring this community since its inception at the start of 2020. Over that time the community has run an impressive 37 webinars, which can be accessed on the community's recordings page.

The webinar program has covered a diverse range of topics including case studies, product development, key technical standards, quality systems, regulatory processes, commercialisation processes with regular overviews of the whole field. Taken as a whole, the archive of recordings is an impressive body of knowledge.

The heart of the community revolves around the best practices associated with implementing electronics and software, which largely differentiates "active" medical devices from other kinds of MedTech. While the scope of topics has been broadened to include a range of less technical subjects, the community regularly returns to different aspects of electronics.

Unfortunately, the start of the community coincided with the advent of Covid. Up to date, the community has largely operated online using a webinar format. However, this year (2022) we hope to emphasise the "community" aspects of its program by having more face-to-face events to leverage personal networking opportunities. In addition, the online sessions will move from a webinar format to a meeting format, allowing participants to interact directly with each other.

We helped start this community because no other group in Australia has electronics in medical devices as its core focus. While active MedTech remains a small part of the broader MedTech industry, which includes pharmaceuticals, for those of us operating in this space, it is a big part of our world. So we are proud to be leading the way in helping anyone in this niche feel like they have a professional home and a targeted set of resources.

See the events page for upcoming activities. To get involved in the community, please reach out to the coordinator at


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