Leadership appointments at Circuitwise

Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing is pleased to announce two significant new appointments: Dimitrije Grasar has been appointed as Operations Leader and Sean Ross has been appointed Chief Technology Officer.

Sean Ross and Dimitrije Grasar (r)

CEO Serena Ross said the changes would free Sean's time up to focus on where he can add the most value, ensuring we have the best possible systems and equipment.

Dimitrije joined the company in September last year in the role of New Product Introduction Engineering Leader.

“Over the past six months, Dimitrije has been a member of the company’s leadership team and has worked closely with Sean who was previously in charge of operations. Dimitrije is incredibly talented and we want to make the best use of his skills,” Serena said.

Sean Ross said the changes would free him up to focus on where he can add the most value.

“My main role is to continually identify opportunities for improving our processes and supporting any technically challenging customer inquiries or projects.”

The scope of the Operation Leader role is the management of all production activities at Circuitwise’s manufacturing facility.

“Quality, safety, speed and on-time delivery for our customers will be my key focus areas,” Dimitrije said.

Dimitrije will be supported by the heads of all the operations-oriented departments of the business. With the support of the Product Engineering Leader, he will manage all product engineering activities including setting up all the programming for a production run, ordering stencils, and technical engineering support for both new sales and production runs.

The Production Leader will help him schedule all production activities, ensuring delivery of product on time, making sure we have correct traceability and equipment.

The Quality Leader will help him ensure the facility operates according to our Quality Management Plan, including all requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, including both internal and external audits of the system as well as auditing our supply chain.

The role also encompasses administration of the company’s IT systems, ensuring the Manufacturing Resource Planning System is functioning smoothly and supporting all other aspects of the IT infrastructure.

The new product introduction engineering role has been incorporated into the Operations Leader role.