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Webinar on the manufacturability of MedTech products

Best practices and tips to improve the manufacturability of your medical device are presented in this webinar by Circuitwise general manager Serena Ross.

On 1 July, Serena presented this webinar to the NSW Active MedTech Community, which Circuitwise sponsors. The community is focused on making it easier for entrepreneurs to develop medical devices involving electronics and software.

In this presentation, Serena describes the product development process from the manufacturing point of view. A key focus on the webinar was on tips to lower costs. The tips covered the spectrum of design, production management and final assembly.

Conducted in a radio interview format with NSW Active MedTech Community coordinator Dr Tim Kannegieter, the webinar expands upon the structured set of advice provided in Circuitwise’s Electronics Manufacturing Checklist.

To view the webinar go to the recordings page of the NSW Active MedTech Community and locate the webinar delivered on 1 July 2020.


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