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Manufacturing right here in Sydney

Did you know that all of Circuitwise's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies are manufactured right here in Sydney, Australia?

There is a widespread perception that all electronics manufacturing these days is done in Asia. This perception is unfortunate because some companies don't even bother to look around in Australia to subcontract their electronics assembly.

We are proud to manufacture over 200,000 PCB Assemblies at our facility at Bella Vista in Sydney's northwest every year. We do not outsource any work at all. Some companies in Australia have websites that create the impression that their electronics manufacturing is done locally, when in fact they outsource all their work to Asian manufacturers.

It's no surprise then that many product manufacturers don't even bother to look in Australia, particularly as many assume is much cheaper in Asia. It surprises many to learn that Australia is close to price parity with Asia, because our production lines use exactly the same automation technology as our foreign competitors.

Our manufacturing facility in Bella Vista, NSW

When you take into account the other benefits of manufacturing in Australia, the business case for local production becomes compelling. Have a look at our article on 11 Reasons Why You Should Manufacture in Australia. Also have a look at our article on a contract we won with Siemens, which chose to move its manufacturing from Asia to Australia.

Not only are our PCB assemblies Australian made, but we are also 100% Australian owned.

Before you manufacture your next product, please consider going 100% Australian-made.


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