Proudly Australian Owned

Circuitwise has just been awarded the Australian Owned Badge of approval (authorization #00654). Australian Owned's stringent verification process breaks down complex company structures and 100% guarantees Australian ownership.

Circuitwise was motivated to seek the Australian Owned Badge in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic which highlighted the vulnerability of the Australian to foreign-owned supply chains. Foreign companies understandably put the interests of their home country in front of others. This reinforces the need to not only make products in Australia but to ensure they are 100% Australian owned so that we can control the supply chain of vital equipment like ventilators.

Australian Owned was established to promote actual Australian-owned businesses. Many companies have masqueraded as Australian, but all their profits go overseas. In electronics manufacturing, the situation can be worse. Some companies set up shop fronts in Australia, which convey the image of an Australian based operation, but actually the business is owned by foreign companies and all of the manufacturing is done in Asia.

Circuitwise not only 100% Australian owned, but is now onto its second generation of family ownership. See our article Introducing the New Leadership of Circuitwise.