Staff Profile: Lauren Andlovec – Customer Leader

Circuitwise has recently appointed Lauren Andlovec to a senior role in the Circuitwise team. As Customer Leader, Lauren Andlovec will be in charge of building relationships with Circuitwise’s customers and leading the quotation process. As part of our regular staff profiles, we asked Lauren a few questions as she joined the company.

Q: What was your previous role?

I was a client manager for Toll Group, one of Australia’s largest transportation and logistics companies, with global reach. I was in charge of a $15 million portfolio of customers across a range of industries, including medical equipment.

In this role, I learned a lot about business-to-business relationships, especially from a quality perspective. I worked closely with customers to understand and meet their needs. For example, in the medical industry, I had to ensure goods arrived on time for critical operations, that there were adequate stock levels, and ensure temperature-control when required.

I developed a good understanding of road and air operations, tender processes, as well as handling Dangerous Goods.

Q: What is your biggest strength

I was successful in my previous role because I was very focused on understanding the needs of the customer and building a partnership with them. I collaborated with clients to develop strategic solutions that optimised their business processes as well as our own – I was always looking for the win-win.

For example, I always knew the roadmap of new products our clients were releasing, working with them ahead of time to ensure they had a smooth product launch.

Q: What differences do you think you can make at Circuitwise.

Working for a company with over 40,000 employees exposed me to advanced business systems and good practices for managing the client relationship. I hope I can contribute to the continual improvement of systems at Circuitwise to better serve our clients.

Building on the strengths I mentioned above, I will aim to deeply understand the strategic goals of our customers. I want to find more ways of helping our clients with their operations.

I also love the quality ethos at Circuitwise. I want to bring that rigour to the customer relationship management process. I will ensure that every interaction is done professionally, on time and that our customer engagement process is smooth as our manufacturing.

Q: What is your favourite activity outside of work?

I’ve had a life-long affair with ballroom dancing. I started when I was 5 as I loved the combination of music and dancing, the physical challenge and getting to know lots of great people. I went on to became Australia’s junior champion (under 16), youth champion (under 25) and was Australian champion in 2015.

I then turned professional and went on to become the professional champion in Australia as well. I moved overseas to teach in Hong Kong and competed around the world. I was in the top 12 in the world for many years, across multiple world championships. My best global result was seventh at a competition in London at the Royal Albert Hall.

I am still actively involved in dancing, teaching most nights introducing children to the sport and also training other professional couples. I have a diploma of Dance and have all the professional teaching qualifications for dance.