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We bring innovation to life by working closely with trusted industrial and electronics designers partners. The product development process, shown below, highlights the key stages in the life cycle of new product design and manufacture. In addition to printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and turnkey product assembly, we provide engineering advice to our partners in the early stages, on the ability to manufacture PCB designs and easily assemble products.





The new product development process showing close integraton between industrial designers, electronics designers and electronics manufacturers

We are able to form project teams with one or more of our partners, streamlined communication and provide assurance to the customer that all elements of the product life cycle are being addressed in an integrated way. 

Customers have a choice of dealing with all the service providers in our project partnership separately or choosing one of them as a project lead. In the latter scenario, the lead service provider acts as a single point of contact, and manages all internal project communication on your behalf.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

During the PCB design process, we work closely with electronics designers optimise the circuit board layout for manufacturing. Key factors relate to factors that influence component choice, optimal placement of testing points, minimising parts that must be placed by hand, optimising layouts for easy part placement, and liaising with PCB suppliers ensuring a high level of communication back to the designer in the event of any changes. 

We also work closely industrial designers to optimise how the PCB is integrated into the final product assembly. Critical advice include how the board is fixed into the housing, options for rapid product assembly, manufacturing unusual shapes and the choice of PCB materials, such as flexible plastic substrates.

Rigidflex PCB.PNG

Rigid-flex PCBs help cut costs while improving performance and reliability.

See more in our blog post. Image courtesy of Altium.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

A key contribution to the product design process is our ability to rapidly deliver prototypes for PCBs. This service allows us to provide early feedback on the manufacturability of products to customers. 


We have a dedicated prototyping area (shown below) using a fast-set-up Mydata machine, delivering assembled boards in hours. This machine also allows short strips of parts to be loaded which minimises component wastage.

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