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Controlled Document Distribution

A key element of our quality system is our custom document control and distribution system we call Zones.


The system controls all of the written and visual information distributing documents to exactly where they are needed on the factory floor, guiding operators on how a particular product is to be manufactured.


All documents are securely stored in a single place, are subject to strict revision control and the information used is traceable for quality assurance purposes.

Diagram showing intelligent document distribution in an electronics manufacturing facility at  Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing
Documents being displayed a electronics manufacturin workstation

Inspecting a distributed document at a workstation

Distributed information includes:

  • How to perform each step

  • Annotated pictures showing where and how to place parts, or undertake a procedure.

  • What to inspect to ensure the step is complete

  • Any information required to undertake the task such as stencils, reflow profiles, IC programming instructions, feeder setup sheets, BOM, test files, Free-in-Aid data and more.


This information allows operators to:

  • Perform the task repeatedly

  • Repeat the task reliably

  • Inspect their own output

  • Audit this ability

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