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Circuitwise electronics manufacturer

Turnkey Product Assembly

Circuitwise can assemble all the components into the final product ready for immediate use, then package and box it ready for shipping.


We can purchase all the enclosure and mechanical components as specified by the customer, or use customer-supplied components Free-in-Aid.

We have a dedicated Box Build area that can be rapidly configured to the requirements of the product being assembled.


Examples of turnkey product assembly we have produced are:

Sports Performance Tracker for GP Sports manufactured by Circuitwise Electronics

Sports Performance Tracker for GP Sports

Incontinence Monitor for Simavita manufactured by Circuitwise Electronics

Incontinence Monitor for Simavita

Data Acquisition System for AD Instruments manufactured by Circuitwise Electronics

Data Acquisition System for 

AD Instruments

Testing and Packaging

We can load firmware onto your device and test it according to your instructions. This includes test jigs for confirming circuit boards are functioning as intended and final testing of the assembled device.


If required, we record the results of the testing as your proof the product was working prior to shipping. See our page on reliable testing and inspection systems for more information.

Prior to packaging, we conduct a visual inspection and, if required, take photographs to prove what was included in each box. 

We insert any printed materials in with the final product and apply any labels. 

We operate a Kanban system and can hold your stock on premises until required. 

Inspection and testing
Packaging area at Circuitwise Electronics used in turnkey product assembly
A test jig used in turnkey electronics product assembly
A test jig used in turnkey electronics product assembly
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