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Circuitwise electronics manufacturer

PCB Assembly


Our Facility


Our facility at Norwest Business Park in Sydney (pictured above) houses an advanced electronics manufacturing capability for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, including:



Our highly automated systems facilitate information delivery to workstations across the factory floor. The whole manufacturing area has full antistatic flooring.


Surface Mount

Juki pick-and-place production lines place components at up to 120,000/hour. Placement capability ranges as small as 01005 component size up to large BGA size including Micro-BGA and LGA type devices.

Screen Printers

When the solder/flux paste is applied, a built-in optical inspection process is used to monitor 100% accuracy. Solder paste is either:

  • Lead-free - SN100C, SAC305

  • Leaded - 63/37

Reflow Ovens

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Components are bonded to the boards using state-of-art 10 zone air reflow ovens with adjustable profiling depending on the thickness and complexity of the assembly.

Our EBSO SPA 400 selective soldering machine includes dual wave systems, micro jet fluxers, and dual pot solder type for:

  • Leaded - 63/37.

  • Lead Free - SN100C

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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

For through-hole components our dual-wave soldering machines caters for:

  • Lead-free 

  • Leaded

Selective Soldering

Wave Soldering

PCB Cleaning

Flux residue can be removed using a vapour degreaser with ultra-sonic final rinse bath or a PTB aqueous washing machine

Conformal Coating

Protection from dust, humidity and high temperatures using PVA automatic coating, a manual spray booth, or dip coating.

X-RAY Inspection

We can inspect for solder defects in BGAs and other joints. It can also be used for detecting metalic debris. 

Stress Testing

Our environmental test chamber can be used for simulating environmental factors such as temperature and humidity 

Testing and Inspection Options


See our page on reliable testing and inspection systems to view our processes and service options. 



We have a worldwide network of suppliers to supply you the highest reliability components at the best price and on time. We maintain full traceability of components, if requested, and our quality systems ensure we purchase exactly what was specified.

Smart Storage


Components are stored in the INVMAN smart storage system,

which was developed in-house and now exported. This system dramatically speeds set-up times. 

Moisture sensitive components are stored in a dry cabinet in accordance with the IPC/JEDEC's standard J-STD-20. The requirements of this standard cover proper packaging, storage and handling to prevent potential moisture induced stress in the reflow oven. 


Kanban and Consignment Services


Where requested we can hold your components on consignment, ready to assemble PCBs on request in smaller batches to facilitate just-in-time delivery as required.

We also operate a Kanban system. We can manufacture your product in bulk and ship as required. When stock levels fall below an agreed safe level, new purchase orders are automatically generated.

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Smart Storage
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