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Check List

44 ways product developers can ensure seamless electronics manufacturing

Circuitwise is the highest quality electronics manufacturer in Australia and our quality process begins with YOU, the customer.


To assist you in providing all the information we require to assemble your printed circuit board, we have put together a 44 item checklist, covering:

  • Design for Manufacture

  • Production Management

  • Bill of Materials

  • Gerber Files

  • Assembly Instructions

For experienced designers, the checklist is a quick way of making sure you have not forgotten any important details. 

For new designers, we have included explanatory text, elaborating on each of the checklist items.

This is a comprehensive and easily digestible guide. It outlines what outputs are required from the electronics design process to streamline the electronics manufacturing process. 

Download the checklist now

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About Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing


Circuitwise's manufacturing facility at Bella Vista in NSW Australia

Circuitwise is a contract electronics manufacturer specialising in complex electronics devices, for companies that have a requirement for absolute reliability.

Circuitwise provides a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly service, that has the highest possible level of quality and reliability.

We operate the most advanced electronics manufacturing equipment available anywhere in the world, capable of handling the simplest to the most complex PCBs.


Our dedicated rapid prototyping area provides quick turn around and rapid feedback on the manufacturability of your design. 

We can assemble the final product and complete all testing and inspection, prior to shipping.

For more information go to the Circuitwise home page.

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