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Golden Sample

Ask your electronics manufacturer how their first article inspection system would catch the error in the video above.

100% Accurate First Article Inspection

The systems that deliver our reliable, traceable and compliant PCBs are underpinned by our world-leading First Article Inspection system.


This system delivers a Golden Board, with 100% accuracy, against which all subsequent boards in a run as compared using our Automated Optical Inspection Systems.

The system provides cost-effective, quality inspection of first article boards without time-consuming programming.

This unique system combines data from the design (CAD) files, the Bill of Materials (BOM) and the pick-and-place mount instruction. This data is graphically compared to a high-resolution scanned image of the board to verify the first board produced and associated documentation is accurate.

The graphics display steps through each part, allowing production personnel to verify the part, orientation and placement are 100% correct. A typical board can be inspected in less than 30 minutes, greatly reducing production downtime and eliminating downstream defects.


Diagram of first article inspection system at Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing
First article Inspection sytem to generate golden Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) at Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing

This system virtually guarantees that the pick-and-place machine setup is correct before commencing production.


Our First Article Inspection System is now exported around the world as the Cluso Automated Production Engineering System, part of Cluso Vision Systems – a sister company of Circuitwise.

Watch the promotional video below for more detail on how the system works.

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