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Circuitwise electronics manufacturer

Cluso Vision Systems


Cluso Vision Systems is a sister company of Circuitwise Electronics, created to commercialise and export manufacturing technologies developed in-house, as part of Circuitwise’s continual improvement program. Cluso has two main product lines being:


Cluso First Article Inspection System


This system makes first article inspection easy by automating the inspection of the first board in a production run, ensuring correct setup and minimizing machine downtime. A typical board can be inspected in less than 30 minutes, down from hours using manual methods. More>>


INVMAN Smart Storage System


This system dramatically reduces the time taken to kit up for a production run, with a visual light system that enables component location in just seconds. The system stores and traces the history of SMT reels and automatically monitors stock levels. More>>

comparison screen used in first article inspectin for printed circuit board assembly
Smart Storage System
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