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Circuitwise Quality Policy

Circuitwise aims to be the Australia’s leading Contract Electronics Manufacturer. servicing our customers by forging an active partnership with them. Quality at Circuitwise begins with the customer expectations and ends with customer satisfaction.


Sales, Engineering, and Quality Processes will play vital role in this area, providing the Customer with professional advice on Circuitwise’s technological capabilities and incorporating customer’s feedback into good manufacturing practices. Our goal is to make sure that our customers have received an excellent product & service and that they want to do business transactions with us over and over again.


To achieve the above, Circuitwise is committed to comply with the QMS requirements and continually improve its effectiveness.

Circuitwise is an equal opportunity employer and recognises that its employees are the most valuable assets of the enterprise, thus shall be equipped and empowered to perform their duties in their quest to achieve the business goals. In Circuitwise, everyone works together and promote the underlying principle that “Everyone is responsible for customer satisfaction”.


In performing its activities, Circuitwise shall ensure that relevant QMS, environmental, Regulatory and Statutory requirements are understood and adhered to.  

Management establishes the quality objectives periodically with measurable targets and reviews in the Quality management review meeting.


This policy is communicated to all staff through an electronic controlled copy placed on the company intranet with other relevant management system manuals, and place on common area notice board/s.

Serena Ross                                   


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