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Introducing the new leadership of Circuitwise

It is perhaps the longest leadership transition in the history of Australian electronics manufacturing. However, the owners of Circuitwise Electronics have decided to formally announce the passing of the leadership baton to the next generation of the Ross family.

Siblings Serena and Sean Ross have officially taken over the day to day management of the company, as their parents Roz and Greg Ross transition into retirement.

Roz, Greg, Sean and Serena Ross

Serena and Sean have been in and around the company since they were small children, starting their apprenticeship helping out on the factory floor. Towards the end of their schooling, they would regularly work for the company in the evenings and school holidays, rotating through each area on the factory floor. Their grounding in this core operational function means they know every aspect of the business inside out.

Sean gravitated toward the technical side of the business and studied electronics. He became highly proficient in mechanical and engineering tasks, and now leads the operational side of the business.

Serena obtained a bachelor of Business Management and had a strong focus in the administration side of the business. For a few years Serena branched out on her own, starting her own fashion business. After six years, she sold her business and returned to Circuitwise to focus on the procurement and sales departments. Serena now leads all the business management functions of the company as General Manager.

Watching their children take increasing responsibility of the business has been immensely satisfying to Roz and Greg Ross. Two years ago, they began the final stage of the transition, ensuring Serena and Sean understood all remaining aspects of the business, and increasingly fronting all business interactions.

Roz Ross founded the business, then known as Tresmine, in 1987. Greg had been working other technology companies and saw the need for outsourced PCB assembly. Initially, the business operated out the couple’s living room but quickly expanded, requiring separate premises.

As the business grew, Greg left his employment to help build the new company’s information systems keeping track of customer orders, different builds, component supply and delivery deadlines. As the quality revolution took off, Greg continued to expand the technology to develop one of the most advanced Manufacturing Resource Planning systems in the industry.

Roz focused on managing the business as a whole and took particular pleasure in developing a loyal workforce with a great culture, which underpins the high-quality standards of the company. Today the business employs over 70 people with a retention rate that is the envy of the industry – 90% of employees have been with Circuitwise for over ten years.

This employment trend is likely to continue as the staff have all known Sean and Serena for many years. Some of the staff’s children are even starting to join the company.

Roz is still a director of the company and Greg can’t resist dropping into the offices regularly to provide guidance as needed.

With the passing of the day-to-day managing of the business passing to Serena and Sean, the only thing that is changing is what is meant to change – continual innovation in the business, as required by the company’s ISO 9001 quality management system.

Sean is continually looking for ways to further streamline operations and innovate the technology. He has taken over operation of Circuitwise’s sister company, Cluso Vision Systems, which exports the best of the company’s innovations to non-competing markets around the world.

If you have any questions about the new management arrangements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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